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How to avoid paying unnecessary or hidden mutual fund fees

What we did: We have helped many clients understand all of the fees they were paying — unbeknownst to them — for their various mutual funds.

How we did it: We thoroughly reviewed all of the mutual funds held by the client. We discovered that the client was paying management fees and transactions or ‘load’ fees. The client wasn’t aware they were being charged these fees. 

How to get out of an over-concentrated stock with low demand

What we did: We helped a client sell a concentrated security position without causing significant change in the trading price of the stock.

How we did it: A client came to us with a large position in a small growth company. After researching the individual stock, BirdRock realized it didn’t have significant daily trading volume. If the client wanted to dispose of their entire position, it would have caused a significant change in the trading price due to their concentrated position and the limited amount of buyers in the market. Over a period of a few weeks, we slowly sold the position in order to have the smallest effect possible on the price received.

How to survive divorce: creating a game plan and monthly budget

What we accomplished: We have helped many clients with the unfortunate but necessary process of moving on after a divorce. We start by creating a basic plan and a monthly budget so they can rest assured that they and their families needs will be met. We then create an investment strategy  that will help their future income, savings and retirement needs.

How we did it: Clients come to us because we have a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) on staff to help guide them through the process of financial planning through before, during and after divorce. Our team was able to provide a monthly budgeting and cash flow analysis to help create a solid foundation for future financial stability. A financial plan is then created that is aligned with all of the client’s personal objectives and their long-term financial goals. 

How to transition into a new job and rollover your 401k

What we accomplished: We have helped many clients successfully navigate moving to Austin and rolling over their 401K’s from former employers.  

How we did it: BirdRock’s trusted advisors reviewed the client’s previous employment benefits and helped them understand all of their options as they moved to Austin and considered new employment and retirement benefits. Oftentimes, we determine that they could rollover their 401K and have it professionally managed as opposed to letting it sit in a generic employment retirement account. 

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